Soufside Chino 

Rashaun Kaymore I'm from Palatka,Florida 6/21/93

I've been making music just over about 10 yrs
I got started with the music Hanging out in My Soufside neighborhood called Roundtree in Clayton county me an a couple guys got together an started a lil group called RTP
Hip/hop, R&b, rock


The name Soufside Chino came from me moving to the Soufside making it my home An chino really means that you can be very persuasive in achieving goals and gaining objectives so that describes me so I put it all together An came up with the name Soufside Chino

The climate of music where I'm from is crunk music party music an the music hasn't really affected me at all that why I got into it An make the kind of music that I feel people need

Education I came straight out of Riverdale High School one of the most worse schools on the Southside due to Gang violence but I made a way to better my self better my craft an made it out to better my future.


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